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activSAN is a product enhanced by a biophysical process and quantum dot technology. It is a pain relief spray and highly effective bio structure magnesium spray.* Contains a highly effective magnesium bio structure acting as fast transdermal application supply through the skin. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for all human physical and mental life functions. The best way for the body to obtain magnesium is absorption, activSAN spray promotes all the magnesium benefits. Some of them are listed below:*

  • Promotes pain relief, relaxation and cardiac tonic.*
  • Supports the electrical stimulation in the nerves and muscles, ensuring the production of energy in nerves, muscles and heart muscles cells.*
  • Promotes a high level of magnesium and can boost performance.*
  • Helps the body to relax and maintain serenity.*
  • Promotes strengths to bones and teeth.*
  • Improves sleep quality without side effects.*
  • Helps reducing leg cramps and muscle cramps.*
  • Improves the hydration helping your body hold on to the potassium it needs.*
  • Natural antihypertensive;* and many more magnesium benefits…*
200ml Spray

Supplement Facts

Recommended dose: Skin spray. Spray on a large area as recommended below.

Average daily dose: 20-25 sprays.

Optimal daily dose (for health maintenance and prevention): 20 - 25 sprays two times a day (e.g. in the morning and evening).

For people who consume alcohol and/or nicotine regularly, take a long term medication or are under extensive stress up to: 20 -25 sprays three times a day.

Sleep problems: 20 - 25 sprays 30 - 60 minutes before bedtime.

Steam - distilled water (tri-distillate. 4-fold hyper colloid)
Zechsteiner Colloidal Magnesium Chloride

Composition 3.960mg magnesium per 100 ml

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